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This is how you do it - 5 outstanding Hublots in 2018

Maybe it's just football, but we have Hublot in the brain right now. Although the referee watch is a winner in the appearance of the FIFA referee's shock-proof sweatband with its smart interface and stylish appearance, it is not the only one in their arsenal. There is also Big Red, this is my nicknamed Frank's epic red ceramic Big Bang, this is a watch you really need to appreciate.HUBLOT CLASSIC FUSION FERRARI GT 526.QB.0124.VR

But even if you don't do it, it's great to get a red shadow from us, and it's very difficult to develop. Then there is a slightly smaller Bang--the classic Big Bang 42mm shot. These two watches are the classic Hublot style, but there is also the Big Bang, which seems to be made entirely of sapphires and gems, and then the latest Orlinski stitching-sized artwork.

Insight: How does Hublot love football? Let's count the method

Hublot understands the power of good partnerships and they are not as strong as the FIFA World Cup. The World Cup is one of the biggest events in the world. The World Cup in Brazil has reached 3.2 billion viewers worldwide, with only 1 billion viewers entering the finals. Russia looks bigger. Although many people are on the ball, many of them will focus on the referee's wrist and the big bang-shaped board, as well as the clock and countless other positions. But Hublot's relationship with beautiful games far exceeds the World Cup, and some of the legends of the sport are also the brand's most important ambassadors. They also sponsored some of the most famous teams and have many limited edition celebrations.replica watch for sale

Hublot's central position as the official timer of the FIFA World Cup is the Big Bang referee 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia - the brand's first smart watch. Although this 49mm large-size titanium piece is a limited edition in 2018 (trying to get a good luck in Australia - obviously our configuration is really snapping up), the customizable dial and strap support your team. It really works on the referee's wrist.

A key feature of the professional is that the Wear OS device talks to Goal Line Technology and alerts the referee when the system records the goal of the score. Although the World Cup is the debut of the Big Bang referee, I suspect that this will not be the last appearance of the Hublot sports smart watch.

But Hublot and football are more than just smart systems like Goal Line Technology and smart watches. Football is about big personality, which is perfect for brands that transcend life. These figures were exhibited at this year's Baselworld Watch Fair, where the brand hosted a “Friendly Match”, which included legends such as Diego Maradona, Jose Mourinho and Robbie Keane, as well as images. A talented legend like Usain Bolt. Central Basel. In a typical way, Maradona wears only two Hublots.

One of the missing legacy of this year's World Cup is Italy, which is a strong football country. Unbelievably, he is not qualified. But even though they may not have won the World Cup from Hublot, the brand does sponsor Juventus, one of the oldest (founded in 1897) and one of the most popular Italian teams, and the great ball of European football. One of the teams.

Oh, the referee watch is not Hublot's first football-specific sports watch, and the Big Bang Unico chronograph Retrograde UEFA Euro 2016, a chronograph with a retrograde chronograph with extra time. And extra time scales.

Hublot and football. Love is real.Discount replica watch

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