FanPulse: Bears’ fans are the most confident

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NFC North Welcome to SB Nation FanPulse — a survey of fans across the NFL Youth Bobby Massie Jerseys , powered by SurveyMonkey. Each week, we send 32 polls to 100+ plugged in fans from each team. Bears fans, sign up HERE to join FanPulse.It’s been a while since the Chicago Bears have been in first place in the NFC North, so it’s understandable that us fans are feeling good about our 2-1 Bears. Even though the defense is carrying the team, head coach Matt Nagy has many of us believing the offense will come through at some point. Even if the offense can only make small gains from a week to week basis, their D looks good enough to give them a chance every single game. The latest FanPulse survey did see Bears’ fan’s confidence levels dip a smidge, but only by 2%. Plus our fans are the most confident among all the NFC North fans at 82%.Here’s our our fans have voted this year.Like we did last week, we’ll take a peek at the confidence levels from the other NFC North teams. The Green Bay Packers lost 31-17 last week to the Washington Redskins, and as expected, their fans are feeling the pressure. The Minnesota Vikings got creamed by the Buffalo Bills last week (27 to 6) and their fans have spiraled into panic mode. The 57% drop in confidence from a week ago was the largest drop among all fans. Plus there’s also the Everson Griffen situation the team is dealing with. The biggest gain in confidence came from fans of the Detroit Lions (+48%) after their big win against the New England Patriots. This week’s Bears vs Buccaneers game will be very telling for fans of each team. The Bucs’ fans are riding high with a 93% confidence level, and that’s coming off a loss. What are your thoughts on these results?If you aren’t a part of WCG’s FanPulse, join now! It was a rough night with a rougher end. But these Bears have a lot to love heading into 2019"It's easy to forget how quickly expectations change over the course of a winning season. Just over a year ago Bobby Massie Jerseys Stitched , Bears fans’ biggest hope was that their offense-averse head coach would be fired. Just before the season (and before the Khalil Mack trade robbery mugging windfall) anyone suggesting the Bears were a playoff team was met with gutteral laughter and showers of half-sipped coffee spraying from the lips over eaves-droppers and passersby.For me, my confidence in this team didn’t solidify until the second victory against the Lions--on a short week, on the road, with a backup quarterback. From that game on, I believed the Bears would roll through the regular season, trouncing over the field with playful abandon and leaving their opponents thoroughly smoshed and equally awestruck. That’s pretty much what happened.But the playoffs are a different beast. A Goliath the Bears haven’t faced since 2010 and which their wild-card opponents Davided the crap out of just last year.The Bears clearly had some playoff jitters, and it showed in uncharacteristic (or characteristic if you’re a Trubisky critic) mistakes. They didn’t play the cleanest game by any measure, but they came within an iced kick of winning after all.Bears run offense wins their matchupConsidering their run game took about three quarters of the season to get going, this was a pleasant surprise. As long as they gave the ball to Jordan Howard, the o line did her job and he did his trademark trucking and smashing thing up the middle.Bears run defense wins their matchup...unless they lose it badlyThe Eagles seemed to run for either -1 yards or 10. The Bears ran a number of formations with an open middle of the field, and the Eagles took advantage. Overall, both teams are impressive in the trenches Youth Charles Leno Jerseys , but the Bears big cuddlies played better in the run game tonight.Bounce-back BiscuitThe game didn’t start great for the Bears burgeoning franchise quarterback. He had one beautiful deep middle pass to Cohen, but otherwise couldn't move the ball consist

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