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Leal Cosmetics Cream After that, electrostimulation periods are held, geared toward strengthening the muscle corset, improving posture, in addition to normalizing the characteristic of inner organs. Pressotherapy is completed as a very last method as a way to cast off the decay products, toxins and extra fluid from the frame. This provider permits you to absolutely get rid of cellulite and flabby skin. Modern complex technique is used for: frame shaping and frame shaping; treating obesity, removing pores and skin laxity; construct muscle, improve the bark, enhance tone; combat edema because of stimulation of blood move and lymph outflow; improve microcirculation, treatment of varicose veins; as a part of complex treatment for a few endocrine issues and to enhance metabolism. This set of strategies does no longer require unique schooling and does now not need a recuperation period. Immediately after the complex consequences on the body, you may feel rest, a sense of fine warmth at some stage in the body and a surge of electricity. Indications and contraindications for tactics The tactics of pressure therapy, myostimulation and cavitation are shown to enhance the silhouette, growth the tone and do away with skin laxity, satisfactory wrinkles and body folds. The diploma of effect at the frame, subcutaneous tissue and adipose tissue in every of them is distinctive, so pick a appropriate service and their aggregate can handiest a health practitioner after a comprehensive examination. Pressotherapy is shown with a minimum degree of obesity, it's miles more aimed at enhancing the overall tone of the body. Cavitation, at the opposite, is designed to fight excessive obesity and strongly suggested symptoms of cellulite.

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