Top 5 Salesforce Integrated Marketing Automation Tools

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Marketing which is a major function for every business is constantly shifting and evolving and hence becoming increasingly complex as consumers are relying on a multitude of devices to consume media.

To stay updated with the best marketing activities, it can be a daunting task for marketers app-development-atlanta/]Android app Development New York[/URL] but some awesome marketing automation tools can streamline a variety of marketing functions. These marketing automation tools help in focus sing their efforts on many other important tasks therefore effectively nurturing leads and driving revenue.

Some of the leading marketing automation tools integrated with Sales force are discussed here which offers robust features and holds the ability to simplify many time-consuming marketing activities.

Let’s have a close look at these tools.

1: Pardon
Sales-force-owned product, Pardon integrates with the CM system very closely as compared to other marketing automation solutions. Parrot is a fully featured marketing automation tool which accelerates pipelines and drives sales through email marketing, social marketing, sales intelligence, lead generation and much more.

Key Features:
With one interface both systems data are tracked.
Allows sending emails and add prospects to nurture tracks from Sales-force
Integrates all campaigns, assignments, and tasks.
Connect all search campaigns on a single platform.
ROI reporting.
Salable and multi-channel social marketing.
Real-time sales alerts and CRAM integration.
2: Market
Market which is multi-functional platform was launched in the year 2007 and offers real-time overspecialization across marketing channels, budgeting tools and marketing calendars.This marketing automation platform gives the power to quickly launch highly targeted campaigns across various marketing channels.

Key Features:
Helps in lead generation.
Measures and optimizes ROIL.
Offers email marketing and campaign management.
Market integrated with Sales force automatically syncs all custom objects and fields.
Changes in CM framework automatically gets reflected in Markets.
Market offers website visitor tracking and web and mobile rationalization.
3: Hub Spot
Hub Spot is widely recognized inbound marketing platform which offers many marketing automation features and capabilities. Hub-spot is a comprehensive platform which offers a complete suite of integrated marketing tools like SEO, email marketing, blogging etc. This improves marketing effectiveness and efficiency.

Key Features:
Hub spot integrated with Sales-force enables easy rationalization of emails hence data is directly synced from Sales-force.
Hub-spot helps in easy monitoring of leads,performance and landing pages, and performance in one.
The marketing automation tool also offers content management system for streamlining content creation.
Hub-spot offers to a record of every sales interaction occurred and vice versa.
The marketing tool converts, tracks, and categorizes leads.
4: Exact-target
Exact-Target offers marketing automation and analytics software for social, online, email and mobile marketing. Exact Target is a system which holds an ability to target communications over multiple channels. The solutions also provide consulting and implementation services. It is the solution which is really looking into the future of marketing automation and wants to connect with their customers on various channels.

The solution helps in automating real-time customer journeys, therefore, delivering distinguished results and inspiring best marketers.
Exact Target tool’s social offerings help in gaining insights about social conversations and hence reaching your audience with desired content. This helps to create branded social experiences.
The tool offers a trusted infrastructure for its highly available, secure cloud-based platform. It gives the flexibility and authenticity to go further.
Exact Target also allows marketers to deliver customized content on every channel and every device. It also helps in building a single view of customers.
5: Sales Genius
Sales Genius offers marketing automation and email marketing solution which are designed to meet the needs of both Sales and Marketing. It is a marketing automation software which ensures that marketing and sales can work with sync.

Sales Genius helps with automated lead nurturing. The prospect is personally nurtured by right message to the right person at the right time with no delays.
Using Sales-genius the marketing and sales personnel can pass lead communication and qualification responsibility back and forth in a streamlined way. This enables right level of contact for each prospect.
With intuitive Sales-genius Automation Workflow Designer, you can easily build out multi-step drip campaigns. Users are able to build simple drip campaigns in very less time.
Sales-genius constantly watches the prospects responses hence “online body language” exhibits there. With Sales-genius you need not wait when the prospect becomes qualified, therefore, Sales-genius converts prospect to Sales in real-time.

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