Buy back rates from BC

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Buy back rates from BC
Surely every better had different situations when the bet almost "went", but eventually flew in the last seconds of the match, when, for example, in football, the referee compensated 2-3 additional minutes. Of course, such moments have happened to every experienced player. Of course, it's a shame to lose in the last seconds. Now you don't have to worry about that. Sportsbook and innovation "Redemption rate" willing to take a bet and lock in profits. The client takes the money at the time when he wanted to. As they say, the bookmaker will pay - without options.
How it works?
Redemption rate is somewhat similar to the CashOut function, which is present, for example, in the bookmaker. There are times in betting when everything was good, the player was about to get a win, but the sports luck turned away from him, and, if we speak bookmaker slang, the bet began to "burn". Every minute the chances of a positive outcome decrease.
Now with the bookmaker there is a chance to return everything to its place, buy back the bet, as well as fix the profit. The coupon indicates the coefficient at the moment, the outcome chosen by the better (draw, win, total, etc.), the amount for redemption, how much the client will receive after the redemption of the bet, as well as the "Redeem"button. It's simple. The main thing is to see in time that the course of the fight for you is not developing in the best way, and have time to buy the bet from the BC.

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