Essential oils and other natural repellents

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Essential oils and other natural repellents
Natural repellents are used in the house and in the yard. Repellents affect the smell, taste or cause fear. Rats can die in contact with ether, it is necessary to remove dead rodents in time. The researchers believe that the effect depends on the active substances of the oils. So, means of plant origin, as essential oils, pepper, mint, garlic, castor oil, repel rats after inhalation or tasting. The most powerful means, forcing rat to flee in panic, contain components animal: urine predators (foxes, for example), dried blood or hair.
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Repeller with essential oil is prepared as follows:

Roll the cotton balls or take ready-made cotton balls for makeup, you can also use a normal cloth.
Soak the balls or cloth in the essential oil of mint or eucalyptus.
Arrange the product where necessary.

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