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I love traveling with our kids! Some of my fondest memories involve the trips or vacations we took as a family George Brett Royals Jersey , whether it is a short weekend getaway on the coast or a 2-week adventure to some far away place.

Gina and I take the approach that travel is as much a part of the kids education as is sitting in a classroom. Because we don锟絫 like to travel around holidays, often this means pulling the kids out of school for a week or more. Not only does the school work get done while they are away, but they learn about new cultures, enjoy new experiences Michael Saunders Jersey , taste new foods, and all of this becomes part of a school project when they return home.

There are many great reasons to travel with kids; we have selected the 5 that we most appreciate锟?br >

Brings family together

All of our lives are busy these days. When we aren锟絫 putting in long hours at the office or fighting rush hour traffic, we are ferrying kids to one activity after another. Even when we have down time, everyone tends to go his or her own direction.

Traveling brings everyone together. For a moment in time the frenzy of 锟絥ormal life锟?is pushed aside Ryan Goins Jersey , and you are able to spend time together. Instead of multiple agendas there is only one agenda, the family agenda.

Spending time together brings a family closer together through simple acts like talks and shared experiences, acts as glue bonding everyone.

As a parent I am hopeful that the kids cherish these memories as they get older.

It will make you humble

In our normal, comfortable lives we can control a significant portion of our environment. This allows us to appear more of an authority to our children than is actually the case. If we are lost锟絧lug the address into the navigation system. If we are asked a question that we don锟絫 really know the answer to Wily Peralta Jersey , taking a guess at the answer does not result in any bad consequences.

Take these examples to a remote city in the middle of Ecuador, and you will learn what humble means. The kids quickly realize that even Dads can get lost锟絩eally lost! They also realize that he doesn锟絫 know as much as we (or he) thought he did.

锟紿ey dad, what will happen if I pick up this animal (that I have no idea even what it is)?

锟紿ey dad, what will happen if I eat this (that I have no idea if it is even food)?

The questions keep coming and the opportunities to display your 锟絟uman vulnerabilities锟?are plenty. There are plenty of opportunities to make us humble when we travel with our kids.

See the world through a child锟絪 eyes

Traveling with children creates a perspective that as adults we miss. As adults we are pre-occupied with putting all of the pieces of the puzzle together Jason Vargas Jersey , while a child finds adventure in the puzzle piece itself.

My 7-year-old daughter loves dogs. Anywhere we go she finds a new best friend. My perspective is that if you have seen one dog you have seen them all, while for Gigi each new dog is a petting opportunity. This simple, innocent act causes her parents to participate in an experience that would other wise not happen and go unnoticed.

Several years ago we took a vacation to Mexico, and stayed at a small condo development on the beach south of Mazatlan. In our condo was literature that described a Sea Turtle breeding project that was located on the property a mile down the beach.

Now if we did not have the kids with us Joakim Soria Jersey , Gina and I would have stopped by and taken a look at the turtles锟絣earned a little about the issues facing the species and moved on. With the kids in tow it was a whole different story.

We visited the turtle center over a 锟?dozen times, and several mornings the kids asked me to set the alarm at 6 a.m. so that we had time to make the mile long walk and participate in releasing the young hatchlings into the ocean. We can锟絫 get the kids to wake up for school most mornings锟絙ut here we were on a remote stretch of beach in the middle of Mexico helping sea turtles make their start in life.

New roles and responsibilities for family members

When a family travels together there is added responsibility for each member of the family. The days activities are not planned by mom and dad only, the kids participate in the discussion of what to do and see. My daughter is responsible for carrying her own luggage, the same responsibility as the rest of the members of the family.

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