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Dave Gettleman , That is the “clean” version of what many New York Giants fans were wondering after Sunday’s decision by the team to release backup quarterback Davis Webb. In general, it was also the reaction to decisions by GM Dave Gettleman and coach Pat Shurmur to move on from a number of popular players fans had become accustomed to seeing in Giants uniforms.Well, hello!Welcome to regime change in the NFL.This is what happens when a team goes 3-13 and stunningly fires both its head coach and general manager before that regrettable season concludes. This is what happens when you have a team that has played in, and got blown out of, one playoff game in six seasons.New decision-makers are brought in. They are brought in to make changes, to get better results. They aren’t going to fail, or be saddled with, the decisions made by the previous regime. The previous regime already failed, and had their key cards revoked, because of those decisions. New bosses are going to succeed — or fail — with their own decisions. With players and schemes of their own choosing. That is how this works.Let’s talk about Davis Webb.The decision to part with Webb was surprising. At least in the moment. And if you got suckered into all the hype about how hard he works, how much he had improved his mechanics, how great a guy he is, how good he looked all spring and summer throwing the ball in shorts and t-shirts against defenders not going full speed the majority of the time. I know that, at least to an extent, I did. As did many of my media brethren.If you are going to excoriate Gettleman and Shurmur for moving on from Webb, the question is what exactly are you excoriating them for?When you step back and think about it, from the moment Jerry Reese was fired as GM the deck was always stacked heavily against Webb. New regimes want to choose their own quarterbacks. Webb worked hard and it was apparent that he had gotten better since his rookie year.What did he really prove in the preseason, though? Mostly that he is a wildly inconsistent young quarterback with a big arm who will occasionally make an incredibly pretty throw, and also occasionally air-mail ones that look simple. He had a good game, an awful game, and a middling game in three appearances. He completed 28-of-53 passes (52.8 percent). He didn’t exactly light it up.He remains a young quarterback who has proven nothing in the NFL. On Saturday, 34 quarterbacks were cut by NFL teams. The fact that the Giants couldn’t get anything for Webb tells you that the rest of the league sees the second-year quarterback as nothing special , just another guy to lump in with all of those other quarterbacks who are now looking for new teams.There are many who have asked why the Giants kept journeyman Alex Tanney instead of Webb. That’s the wrong question.This wasn’t about Webb vs. Tanney. This was about Webb vs. Kyle Lauletta — the young backup and possible heir to Eli Manning drafted by the previous regime vs. the young backup and possible heir to Manning drafted by the current regime. The regime with the only vote that counts.From the second he was drafted, Lauletta was making the 2018 53-man roster.He is a vastly different quarterback than Webb. He doesn’t have Webb’s big arm, but Shurmur said several times — including after the final preseason game — that he has enough arm. Where Webb is excitable and emotional, Lauletta portrays a sense of calm the Giants like. He can improvise and make plays with his feet. Shurmur said simply that he finds a way.Anyway, I’m not trying to case build for Lauletta or against Webb.Reality is, Shurmur is well-known for his work with quarterbacks. He has had success with all types of quarterbacks. First-round picks. Undrafted free agents. Mobil ones. Pocket passers. Shurmur has said in the past that arm strength is not the most important thing about playing quarterback. In the end, he valued the things Lauletta does well more than what Webb does well and saw Lauletta as more of a fit for what he wants. Tanney? While he has only played in one regular-season game, he has been in the league since 2012. Shurmur seems to value that experience, experience that could help both Manning and Lauletta.There is also this. Removing Webb from the equation is yet another reminder that the Giants are all-in for the next couple of years with Manning. Lauletta might develop into a starter down the line, but if Manning and the Giants struggle this year, no one in the stands or in the media is going to be calling for the immediate insertion of Tanney or Lauletta into the starting lineup. Webb? You know there would have been calls for that. That was a potential distraction the Giants didn’t want. Or need. Especially since they made it obvious they didn’t think Webb was the answer.Now, let’s talk about the rest of the roster.Jerell Adams. Andrew Adams. Darian Thompson. Roger Lewis Jr. Mark Herzlich. John Jerry. All cut over the weekend. Brett Jones, who many thought should have been the starting center, traded last week. I know that while you may applaud some of those moves you don’t understand others. I don’t understand them all. It goes back to this, though — Gettleman and Shurmur run this team now, not Reese, McAdoo or Tom Coughlin.They run different schemes on offense and defense than the Giants ran in the past. Those schemes require different skill sets. Besides, no two people see talent evaluation the same way. Plus, Gettleman and Shurmur were brought in to fix the mistakes of the past. To try, in part, to rescue the remaining time Manning has left.Can’t do that without change.What we saw this weekend just continued what has been going on for months. Trading away Jason Pierre-Paul. Letting Justin Pugh and Weston Richburg, good players but the leaders of a bad offensive line Color Rush Riley Dixon Jersey , go in free agency. Not re-signing Orleans Darkwa. Or D.J. Fluker. Finally doing what Reese should have done at least a year earlier — move Ereck Flowers to right tackle.Will what Gettleman and Shurmur are doing work? I don’t know. You don’t know. Gettleman and Shurmur don’t know. We begin to find out Sunday vs. the Jacksonville Jaguars. What I do know is something I wrote for the SB Nation flagship as part of the 2018 NFL season preview package. The Giants’ new decision-makers are doing this their way. We won’t understand every decision they make. Not every decision they make will be correct, or will work out the way they hope it will.Doing it their way, though, is exactly what they are supposed to do.Scouting the Signal-Callers: Breaking down Carson Wentz and the Eagles’ tight ends On Thursday night two teams currently struggling a bit will face off in front of a prime time audience. For the Philadelphia Eagles, their struggles on both sides of the football are well documented. On defense they are having issues in the secondary and Jalen Mills is a frequent target of concern, as is their difficulty to handle the play-action passing game. On offense it starts up front. In his return to action following knee surgery quarterback Carson Wentz has performed well, completing more than 67 percent of his passes with five touchdowns and just one interception. However, he has been under siege in the pocket, having been sacked 12 times in just three games. Despite the pressure, Wentz does seem to be knocking the rust off in the wake of his injury. I spoke with Michael Kist, who covers the Eagles for Bleeding Green Nation and is one-half of the Kist and Solak Show, and here is what he told me about the Eagles’ young QB:Kist’s mention of Ertz is going to transition us to the focal point of this piece. While this is the “Scouting the Signal-Callers” series we are going to take it in more of a scheme direction this week, and look at how the Eagles utilize — and align -- their tight ends. This makes sense when you consider that Ertz is their most targeted receiver on the year, and rookie Dallas Goedert is seeing more and more looks now that Wentz is back in the lineup. Y-IsoGiven the usage that Wentz gets out of his tight ends, it should be no surprise that the Eagles use a few different formations to scheme Ertz and Goedert open in the passing game. One of those is Y-Iso, a 3x1 formation that has a tight end as the single receiver to one side of the field. Philadelphia will use this with multiple personnel groupings, so even if both players are on the field they might still go Y-Iso with one of them isolated on either the left or the right.These formations, particularly when done using 11 offensive personnel, put the defense into a situation where they might have to dictate pre-snap the coverage. Should Wentz see a linebacker walk outside to cover the isolated tight end, he can be pretty sure the defense is in man coverage. Similarly, should he defense keep a cornerback on the outside over Ertz or Goedert, he can be confident some sort of zone scheme is in play. Defenses can disguise that look by then playing man coverage with a CB on a tight end Color Rush Landon Collins Jersey , but that might open up a mismatch elsewhere on the field for Wentz to exploit. Here an example of the Eagles using this formation here in 2018.This play comes from Wentz’s 2018 debut, against the Indianapolis Colts. The Colts are a Cover 2 heavy team, so Philadelphia looked to attack the “turkey hole” behind the cornerbacks and between the safety and the sideline early and often this game. On this play they align using the Y-Iso formation and with 11 offensive personnel. Goedert (No. 88) is the isolated tight end on the right, and he runs the corner route on a Flat-7 Smash concept, a well-known Cover 2 beater. Running back Corey Clement (No. 30) releases to the flat. Backside the Eagles run a Levels concept:Pre-snap Wentz sees the two deep safeties, as well as the cornerback aligned across from Goedert. That gives him a good indication that the Colts are in Cover 2 here, and he looks right to Goedert in the turkey hole:This next example comes from the Eagles’ loss in Week 5 to the Vikings and is an example of Philadelphia using Y-Iso despite having multiple tight ends in the game. They align with Goedert as the single receiver to the right, but Ertz (No. 86) is part of a three-receiver alignment on the left:Goedert and Ertz run matching curl routes, and Wentz does a very good job of sliding and buying time in the pocket before hitting Ertz with a big gain:Against the Tennessee Titans in Week 4 the Eagles used Y-Iso to get Ertz matched up with safety Kevin Byard (No. 31) on the backside of a 3x1 formation. Even though the Eagles were backed up in their own territory, they came out throwing and Wentz looked to Ertz on the out pattern:Y-Iso is, as we will see, just one way the Eagles align their tight ends to get some favorable opportunities in the passing game. They will use it with either Goedert or Ertz, and will use this formation anywhere on the field. Wing alignmentsThe Eagles also align their tight ends on the wing a great deal, and even employ a Double-Y Wing alignment with both Ertz and Goedert that they can use to attack defenses in the passing game with both tight ends on the same side of the formation. For example, they used the Double-Y Wing alignment on this Divide concept against the Indianapolis Colts, coming out in this formation:As you can see, Goedert breaks to the outside on a corner route while Ertz attacks the middle of the field on a post route. Once more the Colts are in a Cover 2 coverage, meaning that the middle of the field is open (MOFO) on this play. A post is a perfect route to use to attack a MOFO coverage, and that’s where Wentz goes with the football:The Eagles also use this alignment to help with pass protection, and for a team that is struggling to keep their quarterback upright, it can provide a boost in creating a stout pocket. On this first-and-10 play against the Colts, Goedert and Ertz align in the Double-Y wing with a receiver outside of them. The Eagles run a flood concept to the left Youth Sterling Shepard Jersey , and Goedert is tasked with blocking the defensive end first before releasing to the flat:Goedert executes his block and then releases to the flat. Despite the play taking a long time to develop, Wentz is operating from a clean pocket, helped in part by Goedert’s block and release. That gives the left tackle time to set up and then engage the defensive end, and the rookie TE is then open in the flat for an easy seven-yard gain.The Eagles also run a number of spacing concepts, and even when they look to stretch a defense horizontally they will use the Double-Y wing formation to condense the defense prior to running the concept. This is an example of this, from Philadelphia’s Week 5 tilt against the Vikings:As you can see the formation condenses the defense, bringing the cornerback down near the dual tight ends. Both of them release vertically, but Ertz runs a deeper curl route while Goedert breaks to the outside. The CB decides to jam Ertz, which creates an opportunity for Goedert to get separation on his quick flat route for an easy pitch and catch for Wentz.Finally, when the Eagles use a single tight end in a wing alignment, that does not mean you can take their eyes off of them. Philadelphia will use this alignment with either Ertz or Goedert to get them chances in the passing game. Wentz and the Eagles narrowed the gap against Minnesota late last week on a corner route to Ertz in the red zone, with the TE coming out of a wing alignment:In addition, they will use wing alignments to help get their tight ends involved in their RPO-based passing game. On this play against the Titans Ertz is aligned in a wing to the left. The Eagles show run inside, even pulling a lineman to set up the run look. But Wentz pulls and looks to throw to his tight end. As the linebacker vacates underneath, Ertz is wide open:As we have seen, part of the goal around these formations and packages is to get open looks for Wentz and his tight ends. This is just one more example of the Eagles achieving that goal.Thursday night pairs two teams who are struggling right now. While the defending Super Bowl Champions might be teetering a big given their protection struggles and some mounting injuries, it is clear from studying Wentz -- and his tight ends -- that their offense is just a few steps away from rounding back into form. Whether that happens Thursday night or not remains to be seen.

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