Dear little girl, you are poor

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Dear little girl, you are poor, eager to live a happy life, but can never be achieved. When others are on holiday, only you sell firewood in the cold and cold snow, because you have to earn money to treat your mother, and then you lost your mother's big slippers. Destiny tortures you so ruthlessly, but you Don't bow to difficulties. But if you are too cold, you will get a few pieces of firewood. The first one has a stove, the second one has food... The last one you saw the most painful grandmother, I think you should be very happy, otherwise When I die, how can I have radiance on my face and how can my mouth smile? gives you another chance, let you be happy after you have lived a lifetime, I think you will be satisfied. Because you live in a poor family, adults bully you, children don't see you as a person... If you live in a happy family, they like you too late, and there will be money to cure your mother's illness, and other Like a man wearing a beautiful princess dress, eating a fragrant roast chicken, and holding hands with the family happyadmiring you for the little girl who sells firewood, because you have a heart that can endure great pain. I am optimistic about you because you have no complaints. Looking back on the past, our smiles, the difficulties of climbing, there have been many and many disappointments, but my alma mater is about to leave you. Our former class, the figure that once ran on the sports field will never appear again. Now, we understand that there is still some time in this school. We are about to enter junior high school. The grass and trees on the campus, the soil and the stone are deeply imprinted on my mind. I once said with my classmates. We have been in our class forever, but we can't resist the passage of time. We know that we will leave soon, and slowly go. I remember that we used to run at the sports meeting, but we didn't get the first and wept. The teacher encouraged us to keep up, remember We used to take the exam fast, we are still so playful, the teacher carefully taught that when we are not comfortable, the eyes of the students care about, I have never forgotten, but time goes by, we have to go, step by step Going away, although we have a lot of disappointments in our hearts, but we really have to go, we will not forget the one-on-one wait and see, those same Smile Marlboro Gold Cigarettes, I really hate why do we have in junior high school, why not learn the contents of junior high school, he entered the junior high school we might know more real than a primary school classmate of friends, but we can not forget that teacher ah!ve been very confused. Criticism and blame are the ones I have heard the most in the past few days. When a person sits quietly, I often think about what it is for. Whether it is for yourself or for others! In fact, the answer, I know. For yourself. But did I really get it? I have already suspected myself. The class teacher��s skeptical eyes, the teacher��s teasing, I seem to want to give up Marlboro Cigarettes Sale. But when I returned to my friends, my face was full of smiles.hers, that is the teacher who taught me the knowledge, taught me to be a teacher of humanity, I don't want to leave them, I can't bear it, I can't let go, the teacher who is angry with the fire, the teacher who occasionally gets angry Newport Menthol Cigarettes, often takes the truth to the mouth. Teacher, always a teacher who treats people with warmth Cigarette Wholesale, I can't bear it, I can't live without it. They patiently taught me the truth, let me grow from a child who is not sensible, to a sensible, serious teenager, I used to have I��m not happy, but now I feel that I can��t do this. The teachers are all good for us. If you let them teach us again for a year, I would like to. I want to say to the teachers deeply, and sincerely tell the teachers. : Teachers, you have worked hard! I will work hard. Today, I am proud of you, but I believe that tomorrow, you will be proud of me, teacher, let us cheer! Every time I go to Teacher's Day, I will go back and I will take the absolute air back. Even if I can't go, I will use my own way to express my gratitude and gratitude to you Marlboro Cigarettes Website, because I am semater, I am leaving, our class is leaving, maybe we can't see us running on the playground again, we can't see the situation we cleaned in the corridor, we can't hear our sly book, we can't hear us. you - four small, my alma mater , Yang Lao, my beloved teacher, 81 dear students

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the outcome wasn’t the one we wanted for us
I am a student from the sixth

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