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I am a student from the sixth grade (2) class of Anchang Town Central Primary School. I have lived in Anchang Town, this beautiful hometown for 12 years. Whenever I go to see Fanxi River, it is a regret when I come back. turned out that Fanxi River is still very clean. He likes people. When some people are thirsty, they go to drink the river; some people like to bathe by the river; others see it beautiful, and they have compiled a poem to praise it. However, now, Fan Xihe has become a mess. Because people don't pay much attention to environmental protection, some people even dump garbage and spit in the river for thethe sake of our children and grandchildren Newports Cigarettes Website, and to make the Fanxi River clean again, I would like to make a small suggestion to the government:Carry out activities such as ��saving resources, everyone is fighting for environmental protection��. Let people not only learn to talk about civilization first from environmental protection, but also have the opportunity to compete for the championship.or each street, each village establishes a ��public and civilized post�� to support good deeds and contribute to environmental protection, criticizing the lack of virtue.romote environmental protection knowledge through publicity channels such as radio, magazines, newspapers, and books, and add environmental protection courses to each school (or to the Education Bureau).ry to deal with the pollution source of Fanxi River and the garbage floating on the river, and timely control the Fanxiope that the grandfather of the mayor can take time to take a look at the proposal that my primary school student presented in his busy schedule. I sincerely hope that my paper proposal will bring a better future to Fanxi River. I wish him more and more beautiful, and I wish the CCP "18" big success. The earth is the home we live in Buy Newport Cigarettes Online. If she is destroyed, we have nowhere to go, so we have to protect the environment. Who wouldn��t want their home to be beautiful? But in reality, human beings continueeople often put the protection of the earth's environment on their lips, but it is still very difficult to do it. As far as the waste battery is concerned Cigarettes Types, some people have not thrown the waste battery to a place where the waste battery is collected Cigarette Wholesale. Instead, it is thrown everywhere. It is necessary to know that one waste battery can pollute 60 liters of water. In the outside life, there is still a lot of pollution in this environment. For example, some people usually throw a one- or two-page notebook that has only been used into a trash can. Some people spit and litter. It is necessary to know that spitting does not only affect the city but also spread bacteria; littering also affects The city is not very difficult to degrade Marlboro Lights Cigarettes. Based on the above, we make the following recommendations:e. Advocate the public to save paper, save water, save electricity, and jointly save our limited resources.Strengthen awareness of environmental protection, establish a concept of protecting the environment and being responsible for everyone. The corrective environment has nothing to do with me, as long as I have a convenient misconception.Encourage the public to plant trees, use less plastic bags, and use disposable chopsticks to save all the savings.s work together to leave a beautiful home for our children and grandchildren.

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