We have a first for the 2018 Kansas City Chiefs this week.

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We have to look forward to the next game and figure out how the Chiefs match up with their opponent coming off of a loss. Fortunately for the Chiefs https://www.thechiefsfanshop.com/Steven-Nelson-Jersey , there still isnít a ton of adjustments to be made, at least on the offensive side of the ball, so itís still a matter of figuring out the weaknesses of the upcoming defense and trying to identify some ways the Chiefs should be looking to attack them. The Chiefs are taking on the Cincinnati Bengals this Sunday night in a second straight primetime game. The Bengals defense has had mixed results this year, surrendering more than 30 points twice but holding teams under 24 points three times. Coming off of a tough divisional lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Bengals will look to catch the Chiefs on a bit of a down trot after a big primetime loss, so itís a battle of which team has left last week behind sooner. Letís take a stroll down the stairs into the AP Laboratory and break down some Bengals film to see what the Chiefs can do to put up another 30-plus point game. Cincinnati Bengals defensePersonnel preferences The Cincinnati Bengals run a 4-3 pretty exclusively, some late game/third-and-long snaps with three defensive linemen and stick to that base 4-3 a lot more often than any team the Chiefs have played thus far. Any personnel grouping up to 11 personnel will often draw all three linebackers out from the Bengals on early downs or possibly a running down. Even when making the decision to play the pass more heavily, the Bengals still get two linebackers on the field as often as possible. One major reason for the insistent use of linebackers is how often the Bengals like to blitz, which is far more effective with linebackers than defensive backs. The Bengals will show pressure often with these linebackersóthink of Mike Zimmerís defenses and their A-Gap pressure looksóand drop out of it or bring both on any given play. Even when not showing that pressure, the Bengals still often send extra pass rushers through the interior of the offensive line. Pass defenseThe Bengals play multiple coverages ranging from Man to Man to Quarters (Cover 4) but donít necessarily hide it from the offense pre-snap. Pre-snap motion forces the Bengals to show the type of coverage (zone or man) early, and they havenít shown an ability to hide their coverage through that motion. The biggest threat, in terms of confusing the offense, is going to be determining when itís a Static Zone and when itís a Match Zone. The Bengals will play Cover-3 match as well as 2-read coverage (which is essentially Quarters coverage but with the DBs matching certain routes) as well as the spot-drop version of each coverage shell. The trio of cornerbacks for the Bengals, William Jackson, Darqueze Dennard, and Dre Kirkpatrick, are near the best in the NFL. Itís a little confusing they donít play even more man coverage given the talent level of these three, but their defensive plan is to play plenty of zone. The free safety, Jessie Bates, is a rookie that has been a playmaker for the Bengals but is apt to take overly aggressive angles and let guys slip behind him eyeing underneath routes. Whether Shawn Williams (concussion) or Clayton Fejedelem starts next to him shouldnít affect the gameplan much as both are solid, intelligent players but donít pose a threat to the run or pass. The linebackers for the Bengals are relatively poor in coverage, whether zone or man, and have been targeted frequently. The Bengals pass rush hasnít been clicking the last few weeks Marcus Allen Color Rush Jersey , which has led to even more blitzing. Geno Atkins has been a monster this year but hasnít gotten much help on the interior while Carl Lawson hasnít put up huge sack numbers yet heís been even more disruptive than last year. Jason Getz-USA TODAY SportsRun defenseThe run defense of the Bengals hasnít been particularly strong this year and seems to depend on upon defensive linemen to make a big stop. The linebacker group as a wholeóPreston Brown, Vincent Rey, and now Vontaze Burfictóhas struggled to step up and fill gaps while flowing to the ball. The team speed isnít overly high when pursuing runs and their success comes through defensive line stunts and twists and run blitzes that land home. The Bengals stick to their heavier personnel package so itís not easy to just out-muscle them up the middle but the edges can be taken. Carlos Dunlap and Lawson are both good at holding the edge but if blockers can get out around them on the edge the flow to the ball isnít fast. How the Chiefs winBasic gameplanThe Chiefs have to continue to get the run game working at the correct times. There is no need to run the ball 30-plus times in todayís NFL, but Kareem Hunt has been running hard and well these last few weeks. The Chiefs should focus on getting Hunt going on some outside zone runs as well as utilizing misdirection and pulling blockers to help get to the outside. When the Chiefs drop back to pass, which should be and will be often, the biggest key is going to be identifying hot reads and protections calls vs the blitz. The second area to focus on is an underneath and intermediate attack utilizing the slot wide receivers, tight ends and running backs. When attacking downfield, pick the shots against one-on-one coverage and be patient for guys to uncover when they arenít presented. The broadest plan is to run consistent 11-personnel and spread the field out. 11 personnelSimply put, the Bengals will play more linebackers and less defensive backs when they see a running back and a tight end on the field at the same time. The Chiefsí 11 personnel can be deadly with both the run and pass with the ability of both Travis Kelce and Kareem Huntís ability to affect both parts of the game. The majority of the game, and the rest of these key parts of the gameplan, should come from the most common offensive personnel grouping but one unique changeup that should be used is the Empty formation.Here we see the offense motion out to Empty, and the Bengals adjust by kicking the cornerback out over him but backing him off while the safety drops down. Essentially, this lends one to expect a form of zone coverage to come next rather than man. Vertical routes to the weak side of the formation to clear out the space, then three routes designed to attack to the two linebackers holding down the middle of the field. There is no chance for the inside linebackers to turn and run with a running back moving full speed across the field here and if he does, the whip in behind it is wide open. Attack the ILBs and SSThe Bengalsí underneath middle of the field defense has been a major problem whether in man or zone coverage. Most often they will ask their inside linebackers to play zone coverage and they simply lack athletic ability and the discipline to see players coming into their zone on time, as well as reaching proper depth. A basic Cover 3 here from the Bengals as they back out of the double-A-Gap pressure look, which leaves four players in underneath. In theory, the coverage is nearly perfect for this sticks concept by the offense but as the protection holds up and the running back leaks out of the backfield, the underneath defenders are asked to identify and move with the quarterback and receivers who are now working open. The 3x1 formation forces the Bengals to drop three defenders to the passing strength of the offense so when the running back leaks out there is only a single hook defender for two players. I.D. the blitzThe Bengals will blitz often, and when they blitz, they will run man coverage behind it exclusively, and itís up to Patrick Mahomes to set the protections and identify who is the hot receiver. Playing man coverage will still often mean the hot receiver still has a defender near him, but the key is to find the receiver running the route that is most likely to beat man coverage (slant https://www.thechiefsfanshop.com/Orlando-Scandrick-Jersey , dig, comeback, etc..), usually in the area of the field the blitzers have vacated. Again, 11 personnel and a 3x1 alignment, only this time, the Bengals are bringing a linebacker on a blitz, resulting in man coverage on five potential receivers. The blitz is picked up well, which already spells doom, and the quarterback does a good job of identifying the wide receiver crossing the vacated space by the blitz on the dig/over route. Itís simply too much space for a cornerback playing against a potential two-way go to cover. Hereís another blitz with man coverage behind it. They blitz and run man or donít blitz and run zone, only this time the Bengals throw out a wrinkle and shade the safety toward the isolated wide receiver (happens to be the best WR on the offense). This helps reduce the space the weak-side cornerback has to cover but leaves three other players in man coverage completely on an island. One-on-one coverage vertically is a risk worth taking and despite good coverage by the Bengalís cornerback, the ball is caught by the wide receiver for a big gain. Attack the edges in the run gameDifferent rushing attacks work for different games, and weíve seen games in which power running should be more effective, games in which looking for hard cuts should line up well against aggressive linebackers and now there is a game in which the Chiefs should look to get Hunt outside the offensive tackles and into space. It may look, at first glance, like there is a linebacker in position to make a play here that gets slowed down by his own player on the ground, but whatís missing is how late the linebacker is to beat the cornerback to the block. If the linebacker can take on the block earlier in the play, the cornerback is in a better position to square up for a tackle or force the running back back inside. All three Bengal linebackers initially move the wrong way with the counter motion and are late to I.D. the pulling blockers putting them behind the running back and blockers.Not every run can go outside, but you can set up the interior runs through attacking the edges then coming back inside. One tight end splits out wide, removing a linebacker from the box and gives the numbers advantage to the offense. As the play begins, the slow reaction by the middle linebacker allows the combo block to succeed and easily reach him and the choice to crash the crash towards the C-gap by the weak-side linebacker rather than try to spill the play leaves a massive lane up the middle. Not only do the Bengals linebackers lack top end athletic ability, but they also react slower to plays than they need to be effective. The bottom lineThe Bengals defense as a whole has good personnel that are high caliber in the important areas of the game (CB, FS Reggie Ragland Jersey , EDGE and 3 Tech) but their general scheme and weakness through the middle of the field is a problem against KC. When the Bengals bring pressure, receivers should be able to uncover through so much space on the field against man coverage. When the Bengals try to play space and run zone, they struggle to pressure the quarterback and Mahomes has diced up zone coverage all year. The cherry on top is the Bengals struggles against the run and rather slow play speed of their MOF defenders. The Chiefs should have big games from Travis Kelce, Kareem Hunt, and whichever receiver gets the majority of the slot reps this week, as there simply isnít much the Bengals have shown to stop that kind of attack. Love the Nerd Squad Breakdowns? Check out 45 Seconds with Kent Swanson. Never miss an episode by subscribing here. The Kansas City Chiefs beat the Denver Broncos, 30-23, on Sunday to improve to 7-1 on the season.Here are the winners and losers from Sundayís game:WinnersPhoto by Jamie Squire/Getty ImagesI believe it is already safe to call Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes elite, and though I realize that is still a subjective take, an objective fact is that Mahomes is officially among elite company after his four touchdowns Sunday make it 26 total on the season. Per NFL Research, four players in history have 26 touchdowns or more through the first eight games of the season: Mahomes, Tom Brady (30, 2007) and Peyton Manning (29, 2013; 26, 2004). Mahomes was 24 of 34 for 303 yards, four touchdowns and just one interception Sunday against the Broncos.Wide receiver Sammy Watkins had his best game since joining the Kansas City Chiefs, catching eight passes on nine targets for 107 yards and two touchdowns. It was the fifth multi-touchdown game of Watkinsí career and his first since Week 3 of 2017 as a Los Angeles Ram.Photo by Peter Aiken/Getty ImagesTight end Travis Kelce overcame some early drops, including one that would have been for a touchdown, to catch six passes for 79 yards and a touchdown on Sunday against the Broncos. It was a Kelceís fourth touchdown of the season. Kelce has recorded at least one reception in 71 straight games, per the Chiefsí public relations staff.Running back Kareem Hunt is making his case to be included in the conversation for the leagueís top running back. He may not have the stats of the Ramsí Todd Gurley, but the elusiveness he showcased again on Sunday is special. Hunt had 16 carries for 50 yards and five catches for 36 yards and a touchdown on the day. Hunt quietly has 10 total touchdowns (five rushing, five receiving) on the season. Similar to referees, it is usually a good sign when you donít particularly notice offensive linemenóand I didnít recall noticing any miscues with Austin Reiter Dee Ford Color Rush Jersey , the third-string center making his second career start on Sunday against the Denver Broncos. Another OL noteóoutside linebacker Von Miller recorded a half-sack Sunday, and former Chief Geoff Schwartz tweeted ďDamn ... only took almost five games for Miller to beat Mitch.Ē The job Mitch Schwartz has consistently done against Miller, one of the best pass rushers in the game, always deserves a spot in the winnersí section.Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty ImagesThe Chiefs defense wasnít all prettyóthe unit gave up 411 yards on Sundayóbut the unit had some bright spots. Outside linebacker Dee Ford came into the game with a share of the league lead (36) for hurries, and he reached quarterback Case Keenum on three separate occasions Sunday. On two of the sacks, Ford forced a fumble. Ford now has a team-leading 8.0 sacks on the season.Rookie outside linebacker Breeland Speaks also recorded a sack, as did defensive lineman Chris Jones. Speaks and Jones officially tallied two quarterback hits apiece. Kendall Fuller had an interception on a flea-flicker attempt.The Broncosí two-headed running back monster of Phillip Lindsay and Devontae Booker gave the Chiefs run defense problems all game long. Led by Lindsayís 95 yards, the two combined for 27 carries for 173 yards and a touchdown in the game. LosersMark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY SportsBroncos defensive end Derek Wolfe, per The Athleticís Nicki Jhabvala: ďThey beat us by a total of 10 points. Iím tired of losing, especially in Kansas City. I really hate Kansas City. really hate it. I donít like coming here. I donít like anything about them except for Travis (Kelce). Travis is the only one I like over there.Ē Yikes.The Chiefsí discipline, when it came to taking penalties, was not on display at Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday. The Chiefs totaled seven penalties for 50 yards, including four false start penalties (at home). Chris Conley had two false start penalties and right guard Andrew Wylie had one on a crucial fourth-and-goal at the 1. The Wylie penalty may have cost the Chiefs three points. Penalties may not have cost the Chiefs the game against the Broncos, but the Chiefs will need to be more disciplined to beat better teams in the leagueósuch as the Los Angeles Rams or New England Patriots.Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY SportsChiefs safety Ron Parker struggled in the first halfógiving up a big play to Emmanuel Sanders. He and Orlando Scandrick also gave up a 24-yard touchdown to some guy named Tim Patrick. It will be interesting to see if the Chiefs make a move to beef of the secondary before the Tuesday trade deadline.I unfortunately donít think that Vance Joseph will be the head coach of the Denver Broncos the next time the Chiefs see them. Joseph is now 0-4 against Kansas City and 8-16 overall asDenverís head coach.Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY SportsSimilarly, Iím not sure Broncos wide receiver Demaryius Thomas, who had just three catches on seven targets for 30 yards Sundayómakes it through the trade deadline. Thomas is a shadow of his former self and appears to be in need of a change of scenery.The other side of Fordís monster day is that of Broncos left tackle Garrett Boles, who didnít look like he belonged on the same field as Ford. On the other side of the ball, cornerback Bradley Roby was hardly capable of guarding Watkins.The Broncos mentality has been broken by the Chiefs. Denver cornerback Chris Harris Jr. called this a game with season-changing potential prior to Sunday. Here was his quote after the game: ďThis was one of the hardest losses that I have ever had in the regular season. You fight so hard and do whatever you can to win and itís really upsetting.Ē And the crazy thing is the Chiefs didnít even play all that well. Great teams find a way to win and thatís what the Chiefs are.Safety Eric Berry didnít suit up for Chiefs-Broncos, meaning he officially missed the first half of the season and should have been on injured reserve instead of taking up a roster spot.

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