Some seemingly inconspicuous things leave an

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Some seemingly inconspicuous things leave an unforgettable revelation. I still remember when I was in the second grade summer vacation, when my father was still working in Xinjiang. When I was on vacation, I set foot on the road with my mother. On the way we continued to encounter traffic jams and delayed the train station for a few minutes. "Fast! Fast! Fast! There are still two minutes!" Mom yelled as she pulled me. Fortunately, we just started on the train.the car, I looked around for a location. Mom asked me to look for the car first, then find the parking space number. After a few minutes, I found the location, opened the window, and watched "Chengdu Station" gradually drift away from us. I said to my mother, "Mom, what's fun on the train? Where are you sleeping?" "There is nothing fun on the train, you can see the scenery, you sleep on the shop." Mother replied.nly, the radio called: "Please note that passengers in the No. 4 compartment have a passenger diarrhea, but there is no medicine to stop the diarrhea. If you have, please immediately send it to the broadcasting room of the No. 4 compartment, thank you!" Then said: "Son, you sent the two pills to the broadcasting room of the No. 4 car Cigarettes Online." "We are here in the No. 11 car, there are so many people, I... I am afraid." Mom said: "Shenzhou line." I can do it!" I replied immediately. I took the two pills and walked slowly to the 4th car.t I was afraid, but I was in the 8th carriage, but I was not afraid. Look at the East, Xiqiao. I saw a bird singing in a bird cage. The bird's head was round Newport 100S, a pair of jewel-like eyes, a pointed little mouth, and blue feathers. After the owner's consent, I walked over and played with the bird. The owner gave me the food of the bird. I picked up the food and put it in the bird's mouth, and spoke with her relatives. I forgot all about the medicine. The passage of the voice was heard again, when I remembered to send the medicine. I flew to the No. 4 car, and the pill on my hand slipped away from my hand like a gangster. It was still against me, and actually rolled into the corner of the bed! I rushed to the scene immediately Cigarettes For Sale, but after all, I was in the second grade and I was not long enough. So I asked the uncle next to him for help. Uncle listened, and found out for me after three, five and two. I thanked my uncle and ran to the carriage like a wild horse Marlboro Red 100S. "A... Auntie, medicine...the medicine was delivered!" I said as I gasped Newport Cigarettes Website. After the broadcaster Auntie praised me, he left the No. 4 car.ough it was just an ordinary thing, it made me realize that it is necessary to concentrate on doing things, and must not be half-hearted.


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