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1. Listen to the shock of the waves waves are amazingly spectacular, and the two brothers Song Zhi and Song Hui give such feelings. I can really use "Where do you want to speak, where you have your hands raised; whether the title is difficult or simple How Much Is A Carton Of Newports, always so reckless." This sentence describes them as the most suitable Wholesale Cigarettes. They used actual actions to infect countless people in the class with high-yield and high-quality speeches, which made people feel moved and shocked. Serious expressions, powerful words, and the majesty and solemn temperament of full confidence. Hey, isn't this the shock that the waves bring to people? Listen to the sound of the rain falling on the bluestone Cigarettes Cheaper, in the right place, on time, falling on the bluestone board, the sound of the song is shocking. This made me think of Zhuang Yongjie. The most admirable thing that Yongjie admire is the calmness and calmness that is difficult for ordinary people to reach. If you don��t know it, it��s amazing. I remember when I was in the "Two Little Children's Argument Day", the teacher asked: The distance between the sun and the earth is equal in the morning and at noon, but why do people feel the difference between shape and temperature and temperature? "Hey Online Cigarettes, why is this?" Everyone thought about it as soon as the question came out. Some people slammed their heads and asked themselves "why not good pre-study"; some people looked around, it seems that the answer is hidden in a certain corner of the class; others have pouted and looked helpless Newport Cigarettes. However, I saw Yongjie��s face with a very calm and firm smile. She saw her slowly raise her hand. ��Because...�� The fluent tone, confident face and correct answer have won her the edge. Applauseisten to the voice of dialogue between dewdrops and petalsialogue between dewdrops and petals may be silent, but still wonderful. Hey, isn't this just Li Chenxi? Who is Li Chenzhen and Li Chenxi? In the six years of primary school life, the number of times he raised his hand can be counted with one finger. He also never shows his face in activities such as outings and class banquets. However, when I was in English class last Thursday, when the three students who could not study at the podium (Jiang Lijun, Liu Yunlong, Lin Xuan) looked at him with a sad, helpless, desperate look, everyone on duty When they started together with "Li Chenxuan", "Li Chenxuan" and "Li Chenxi", he held the book in his hands, covered half of his face, and twisted his head, trying to avoid this sudden scene. "Go up!" "Go up!" But these words still poured into his ears... everyone is looking at him. Maybe I couldn't sit still, I saw that he finally stood up, raised his chest and looked up and walked up the platform. "Wow!" In the surprise of evunderous applause sounded in the class. Even Lin Ying��s teacher couldn��t help but ridicule: ��Three stinky cobblers can��t stand a Li Chenzhen!dition, there are all kinds of colorful sounds, such as the "tick" sound of Joshua hitting the keyboard when writing code words, the cheers of Lin Shuang playing basketball victory, and the scream of Xiao Yang who loves to sleep. Sound! It is these unique voices that together compose a beautiful and beauti

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